I wholeheartedly invite you to join the most extraordinary, but also the most authentic homeopathic journey one can imagine. Actually, it’s truly revolutionary (re-evolutionary) as we forget everything we know about the subject and return to the very beginnings, i.e. to the pure proving experience.

We make a little correction though – we humbly admit that our remedies are not strong at all (they naturally get weaker as we dilute them, but there is something beyond that) and they do not cause anything for anyone. These appear to be the magic words that open up an unbelievably huge, completely different and the most fascinating side of Homeopathy that has not been explored up to now.

It has been hidden from homeopaths in a very peculiar way. It is happens in the present moment, i.e. prior to thinking, prior to translating the actual experience into words! It is more than real while we are experiencing it. And it hides at the very moment we try to grasp and analyze it.

Imagine we 100% immerse into the PURE HOMEOPATHIC EXPERIENCE. Imagine we watch the movie continuously, we remain in the present moment instead of clicking the “pause” button multiple times trying to freeze the frame, explore the still picture, write down the sensations, analyze and understand them properly.

What if we remain in that PRESENT MOMENT throughout all the consultation and experience the remedies together with our patient?

Imagine we find the way to implement provings into our daily consultation practice.

  • Imagine provings comprise at least 50% of consultation time in chronic cases.
  • Provings become a part of a Healing process.
  • Imagine our personal and professional growth as we go through hundreds and thousands of amazingly deep proving experiences together with our patients each year.
  • Imagine our remedies become perceptible and experienced to a full extent in the present moment – with almost nothing left for the future!
  • Imagine we also manufacture all the remedies ourselves and that also becomes a part of that proving experience. Making remedies live for the patient sitting in front of us is absolutely fascinating experience. Each time it feels in a different and unique way.
  • Imagine the consultation, proving, remedy making and administering it happen simultaneously, perceived as one process happening in the present moment.

All that is going to radically change our relationship with the remedies and consultation process itself:

Imagine Homeopathy happening LIVE. Not before and after the prescription, but right here and now.

Imagine even in chronic cases Homeopathy is oriented not into the future result, but into present moment healing experience. To explain it better –

Please, imagine we are not homeopaths, but librarians who help to chose the most important and interesting book for our clients.

Or please, imagine we work with… movies instead of remedies.

So what do we perceive as we listen to our response to the remedies?

  • Usually our homeopathic path begins with sensations. From quite usual to astonishingly peculiar. From crude ones to extremely subtle. Little by little we learn to recognize different levels according to the sensations we experience. The realm of sensations is pretty common for homeopaths.
  • But then one day we discover and enter the stillness side that is kind of opposite to sensations. If sensations are Yang, then stillness is Yin. We find out it also feels different on different levels. So we kind of explore the various levels of stillness with the help of our remedies. But we can’t put stillness into words. Words are meaningless here, e.g. I may tell you that when you fully experience the stillness with your patient suddenly the whole world stops. You and your patient lose the perception of anyone moving anywhere. Speaking or writing about it makes no sense. So yes, when we recognize it we may communicate and share it with each other.
  • And then there is Silence or the Tide in biodynamic terms that leaves all the world silent. It does not depend on anything or belong to anyone though. It’s all about the Totality. Here sometimes we get outside together patient to look at the beauty of a real world perceived as if for the first time.

Also beware – eventually a very strange transmutation happens:

  • Imagine remedies ceasing to be separate from us and becoming a part of our own perception. As we immerse deeper and deeper into the true nature of our remedies, we end up with perceiving them as different aspects of ourselves and not as separate entities anymore.
  • Imagine we start to perceive the Totality of Life and Healing happening spontaneously, i.e. without our intervention. We get to the point where we meet all the healers that realised the same truth. That includes Hippocrates who saw healing to be just a work of vis medicatrix naturae, Galen who said “I bind the wound , God heals it” and many many others.
  • Here we start perceiving Homeopathy as a universal principle that does not need any personal involvement.
  • Imagine Homeopathy merging with the Life completely so we can’t find it separate from our daily experiences. Homeopathy becomes a universal Life principle ruling our lives actually. It is not free will that rules, it’s always similia similibus curentur.
  • Imagine the same happening with us. Imagine Homeopathy is for revealing the Truth about ourselves.

Consider Present Homeopathy to be literally opposite to the classical prescribing. We like Alice go through the mirror into another side of Homeopathy. Surprisingly that does not turn it into allopathy at all.

Such inverted Homeopathy is about provings becoming a deep healing practice and happening during a consultation. It provides a perfectly balanced systematic and interdisciplinary approach to a completely different hidden (YIN) half of Homeopathy that has been missing up to now. As a result Homeopathy becomes Whole and Present.

Present Homeopathy is for

  • understanding the true nature of our remedies – not intellectually, but perceptually, up until they become a part of ourselves;
  • understanding The Life PrincipleDynamis as S. Hahnemann called it – again, that has nothing to do with theoretical knowledge, that’s all about pure transparent perception;
  • revealing what has been hidden beyond symptoms – we remain still here, we do nothing, we simply witness remedies accomplishing this work for us;
  • exploring ourselves – we start with us, we explore our own inner landscape first, we learn to find the way to the Health here – only then we may help the others;
  • exploring the “outer” world, experiencing it by senses, perceiving it as it is, as if “before the human intervention” (in prof. A. Mickunas’ words).
  • surrendering to the Totality, experiencing Healing, finding our Home or our true Self (all of these appear to be synonyms).

The Present Homeopathy appeared as a result of very unusual practice of letting the patient to chose remedies (we simply observe patient’s response) and making thousands of remedies live during consultation, at the same time observing the patient’s reactions, experiencing them together. What’s the most ridiculous – making the remedies without knowing why, never because of symptomatic similarity, but simply choosing the remedy that gives the most profound patient’s reaction. It is about listening to the consultation process itself through the remedies and then simply listening to what is happening, where we are taken by the remedy. All that is happening live – right here and now – and is experienced to the full extent with nothing to postpone for the future.

That is the most natural practice one can imagine. We experience it happening in our everyday life – many times each day.