• Present Homeopathy does not belong to anyone.
  • It has no centre (no single authority, no set of rules)
  • It has no borders (no limits, actually, it blends with the Life completely).
  • Present Homeopathy is all about the Totality.
  • It is about bringing seemingly different methods and remedies into One.
  • Its purpose is not limited by healing. Experiencing Homeopathy and experiencing Life as Totality do not differ at all!
  • Present Homeopathy is about knowing our Self. That’s Healing, actually.
  • We do it through experiencing the remedies, listening to them as we call that and sharing that with open Heart.
  • Exploring our remedies does not differ from exploring ourselves!

By means of such remarkable observations, he will develop an understanding appreciation of his own sensibilities, of his mode of thinking and emotions which is the basis of all true wisdom, γνῶθι σεαυτόν [know Thyself].

S. Hahnemann “Organon” footnote to §139

Present Homeopathy has not been invented by anyone, including myself. My job was simply to put the experiences I got with different teachers, colleagues and patients into one totality and draw a map. Your experiences will vary, but with the map you know your location and direction to follow.

I am thankful for everyone I met during my journey. Particularly I am thankful to

  • My first teacher who taught me listening for more than 10 years. She shared her sensations with me. So today I can share my sensations with you and perceive yours as if they are mine. I don’t know how it happens… It’s a tradition and a skill I’ve received from my teacher. Now I’m sharing it for you.
  • Numerous teachers and holistic colleagues I met during my journey.
  • Imedis in Moscow for providing awesome testing tools, remedy database and courses.
  • Methodically and technically I’m in debt to my russian colleague and teacher A. E. Kudaev who actually revolutionized the field of testing and bioresonance techniques bringing simplicity, depth and soul into it.
  • I’m especially thankful for my bjj coach and Teacher Renardas Gustainis who has been patiently sharing the present moment with me for almost 20 years already.
  • Perhaps the deepest influence in the Healing field I got was from James Jealous, D.O. and his Biodynamic Osteopathy students (Gintarė Sinkutė in particular). They made the crucial turn for Homeopathy to become present. James Jealous passed away as I was building this website. Consider the texts you read to be a tribute to the most amazing and loving Master of Healing I have ever met. You are going to find quotations from his diary “An Osteopathic Odyssey” that is perhaps the most beautiful book on healing ever written. And his lectures are second to none.
  • Also I am very thankful to my homeopathic colleague Harry van der Zee for his support and wisdom. He has helped me with my writings and became a godfather of the Present Homeopathy.
  • And also for Simona Lenzienė responsible for manufacturing remedies at our oldest homeopathic pharmacy – for becoming Yin of the Present Homeopathy in the most peculiar way.
  • Last but not the least I am in depth to my wife and homeopathic colleague Loreta for the company and support she has been giving.