Imagine Practicing Homeopathy in the Present

Imagine Homeopathy has been incomplete up until now. I know, for many of us Homeopathy is perfect as it is. For our classical colleagues it has been perfect since S. Hahnemann’s times. But what if we question that perfectness just a bit?


Is there a deeper therapeutic process than the one I am engaging?

Even when the therapeutics are going well look for a deeper process. This will lead to a surprise in most cases – even in the experts.

James Jealous, D.O. “An Osteopathic Odyssey” p.39

That’s an awesome advice for everyday practice from one of the greatest osteopathic Masters of our time. But imagine that can be also applied to Homeopathy as a whole – and we discover a radically deeper process in it.

The Process

Imagine it’s not even about being “deeper”. It is simply the process itself.

Imagine simply becoming aware of the very process of experiencing the remedies gives the unprecedented spontaneity and infinite depth to the consultation!

Up until now Homeopathy existed as “before” and “after”. Like before prescription and after it. And the most essential part that is in between these has been missing.

Imagine we settle in now instead. Or in a present moment as we call it. So, e.g., instead of comparing yourself before and after this text you start perceiving and exploring the very process of reading this text.

Imagine Homeopathy that is based on direct perception rather than intellectual analysis. Such Homeopathy never happens in the past or future. Well, we can’t experience anything outside the present moment anyway. Look, reading experience of this text happens exclusively now and never in the past or future.

Imagine the present moment we speak about has nothing to do with the idea of time, but it is all about perceiving the Totality and dissolving in it.

Imagine learning the Present Homeopathy is not about seeking for theoretical assumptions, not learning from books, but diving straight into the real experience – very much like training martial arts or learning to play a musical instrument. Reading books is not going to be of much help here.

Imagine while studying Homeopathy at least some 95% of time is devoted to observation practice, i.e. improving concentration, increasing sensitivity, etc. All that leads to perfecting listening skills, i.e. becoming aware of the subtlest sensations as well as the listening process itself. Up until Homeopathy becomes simply the process that is happening and experienced in the present moment.

Imagine even in a deeply seated chronic cases you experience remedies happening in real time, being perceived as a process by both the homeopath and the patient during the consultation.

Reading the Remedies

Imagine these 5% that are left for reading books are important as well! But here in the Present Homeopathy reading also happens exclusively now and becomes a skill on its own.

Imagine our usual practice will be reading the remedies while simultaneously experiencing them together with our patient. Such reading helps us to understand what precisely has been revealed by the remedy. It is kind of selective reading – we start to intuitively distinguish words and phrases in the remedy description that belong to the particular patient.

Imagine it is kind of inverted Homeopathy where we start with the remedies (remedy experiences, actually) and then we refer to their descriptions.


Imagine provings become an equally significant part of homeopathic consultation. They are not separate from everyday practice anymore! Actually, they become the central axis of consultation process when facing chronic cases.

Imagine we take part in at least of a dozen of real proving experiences (some of them amazingly deep) each day with your patients and colleagues and that continues for years. That alone is going to radically change our relationship with the remedies.

Imagine we also follow S. Hahnemann’s advice and make all the remedies by ourselves live during a consultation – and that also becomes a part of the process perceived. We actually observe the patient responding to the remedy we are making in real time. Naturally we adapt the remedy to a patient’s reactions in real time as well. So we never make the same remedy in the same manner twice. Making the remedies becomes an absolutely spontaneous, unpredictable and fascinating experience.

Imagine these 4 processes – consultation, proving, remedy making and administering them – happening as one whole inseparable process/ experience.

Imagine these are not separate phases anymore, but they are so interlaced that they happen simultaneously here and now in the present moment. It is literally impossible to divide them. And that is experienced by both you and your patient as one continuous process in the Present Moment. 

Imagine by fully experiencing the process itself, all the aspects of Homeopathy become enlightened – that happens perceptually rather than theoretically. Eventually all our practice becomes absolutely obvious, perceived directly by senses and we do not need to rely on intellectual speculations or philosophies anymore.

Imagine we completely get rid of these and base our practice purely on direct experience – similarly to S. Hahnemann developing his Materia Medica Pura. Only this time we rely on and stay with the very process of experiencing rather than trying to put it into the scriptures and follow these.

Imagine the homeopathic consultation process being lead by the remedies (remedy experiences to be more exact) is so intense, so full of sensations rising spontaneously from the Ocean of Yin (see Yin & Yang of Homeopathy) and so dynamic that there is no time to think, not to mention taking notes. We simply recognize the landscape that sensations belong to (sensations themselves are not that important) and react with the particular set of remedies. Yes, the workflow is radically different than in classical consultation. It is as if we drive at a high speed on a busy traffic, we recognize the situations, signs, whatever – and we react accordingly. There is no time to think or to take notes, indeed.

Imagine authenticity of Homeopathy is not in following old scriptures, but getting even prior to them. It’s like getting into the original China officinalis proving prior to it being recorded.

Life and Homeopathy

Imagine we experience hundreds of remedies and learn to recognize them by sensations. But I have to warn you – that happens in a very different way from what you may imagine. And the outcome is very different – almost the opposite from what homeopaths are expecting…

Very quickly we are going to discover there are no separate remedial sensations, i.e. our remedies do not exist separately from ourselves and our patients. That sounds weird, but it comes from thousands of such experiences I had together with my patients and colleagues. And that changes everything in our daily practice.

Imagine we do not see the remedies anymore and what we experience are just different aspects of ourselves that are revealed in provings.

Imagine our numerous remedy experiences blend with the overall Life experience as we cease to perceive remedies being different from anything else we perceive. So that we do not see remedies or Homeopathy (like the law of similars) as something different than the Life itself.

Imagine we experience a proving that lasts a whole lifetime! Or actually – numerous lifetimes!

Imagine we discover that all our life is single homeopathic proving experience happening as a Totality in the present moment. Well, you might think these should be numerous provings from numerous moments happening in the life.

Imagine we discover that we have never moved out of the present moment during your whole life. We have never been present in the past or future. Now, now, now, now,… Not a single step in either direction. Again, the present moment we are speaking about has nothing to do with the concept of time actually.

Imagine here & now you take part in a text proving. Having experienced thousands of provings I can assure you that reading this text does not differ from any of these at all. It is not a text that is perceived. It’s at least the reading process that is experienced. The very perception of the process of reading leads to the Totality of Life itself.

Look, this text itself is only a small part of your overall perception of what’s happening here and now. And ridiculously you perceive the reader in the same manner as text! The reader (sensations, thoughts) is part of the Totality that is experienced. One question remains though. Who is the Prover?

Imagine the ultimate goal of the Present Homeopathy is to find an answer to that question. That’s Healing, actually, which appears to be absolute.

Imagine experiencing Homeopathy and experiencing Life as Totality do not differ at all. The laws are the same. Universal. When Homeopathy dissolves in the Life it loses its borders (it’s not limited to a handful of classical remedies anymore) and loses its centre as well (it’s not limited to Organon or any other classical masterpiece or authority). Life has no centre and no authority to control it.


Imagine both homeopathic studies and practice becoming interdisciplinary.

Imagine by returning to its roots (i.e. to direct experiencing) Homeopathy also reunites with her family, i.e. with a large group of her siblings. As we move further we discover every method of healing belongs to the same family. But we’ll start with siblings who use more or less similar information remedies, i.e. having way too little or no at all active substances for them to work.

Imagine Homeopathy is not alone, not isolated anymore. Homeopathy by no means is better than any of her siblings. But together with her sister Isopathy they earn a very special place in the family. It is mainly due to their amazing abilities to address the physical body in the subtlest details.

Imagine we base our approach on body reactions and sensations. We need a reliable anchor in a body, so we can travel to limitless levels and spheres and never lose the ground.

Look, each of Homeopathy’s siblings (Bach Flower therapy, Aura Soma and numerous others) have amazing talents to access particular levels with exceptional subtlety and depth never ever experienced in Homeopathy. But all of them suffer from the same problem – they lack direct access to the physical body.

E. g., Bach flower essences represent the emotional level flawlessly. Actually, flower essences by their nature are much more similar to emotional level than classical homeopathic remedies. They really are if we begin experiencing them rather than having opinions. But being not rooted in the physical body (look, there isn’t a single body sensation in their descriptions) flower essencies are extremely difficult to prescribe in chronic cases. As a rule, chronic cases lack manifestations. so here the emotions are hidden, not expressed at all, locked somewhere in the body. They may manifest through some physical symptoms though. But they are not of any help to prescribe flower essences!

Imagine here Homeopathy together with Isopathy provide the keys to unlock the body. And Bach Flower remedies or numerous modern essences provide better understanding of what has been locked there.

Imagine there are numerous siblings that offer the keys to levels that have never been accessed in Homeopathy before, i.e. extending much higher than “emotional” or “mental”. Sometimes even with the help of these remedies it takes years to learn to recognize those sensations – so subtle and unusual they are. But when we become aware of these, when we start recognizing them, they become a part of our perception and those remedies become a part of us as well.

The Missing Half

Imagine sooner or later the remedies lead us to an extremely classical, but completely unknown side of Homeopathy. They kind of open a new world for us – the so called levels of stillness.

Imagine provings may lead not only to sensations, manifestations, but they also lead to various degrees of stillness. And of course, stillness has never been considered by homeopaths to be worth attention. It simply is not something that can be put into books or repertories!

Yang & Yin

Imagine stillness (Yin) makes at least 50% of the Totality. It appears the missing half of Homeopathy. Ridiculously it has always been present in Homeopathy (see YIN & YANG of Homeopathy). It stands beyond every sensation ever experienced (like the Silence is the main condition for the music to be heard). But Homeopathy needed her siblings to show it to her in exchange to sharing the body sensations.

Imagine interdisciplinary means we share the remedy sensations in real time by experiencing these together with our holistic colleagues rather than talking or writing about them. Together we kind of unlock different levels and experience them with a depth we have never even dreamt before.

Imagine Homeopathy regaining its missing half becomes so alive, dynamic and spontaneous that it gets out of the control of the practitioner and starts living on its own. So that we witness it instead of performing – each time being surprised and deeply touched by it.