YIN & YANG of Homeopathy

Yang & Yin,
Manifested & Hidden

From the very beginning up until now Homeopathy has been limited to the manifested, bright, acute Yang side. The white Yang mainland in the picture is huge, easily accessible, therefore we have extensive, detailed symptomatology and extremely thorough constitutional portraits.

There is also a mysterious deep dark well of cold water (the black dot of Yin) where the causes of acute diseases are hidden. But even if we completely ignore it, acute symptomatic prescriptions work almost perfectly on this Yang side.

Now take a look at the Yin side – there is only tip of iceberg seen in the vast Ocean of Yin. Everything else is hidden in the dark underneath the deep cold water.

This Yin side has never been considered as belonging to Homeopathy. Symptomatology (represented by that tip of the iceberg) is vague and almost useless here.

And yet this Yin side is the most fascinating and essential for Homeopathy. Only here the true nature of Homeopathy is revealed. The Ocean of Unmanifested is absolutely magical and its depth is infinite. Every sensation appears from that Ocean and dissappears into it.

As we practice on this Yin side every day with each our patient we slowly become accustomed to The Ocean. One day we may recognize It is our own half that we have been missing from our early childhood. Reuniting with it leads us to our true Home, our Health and True Nature we’ve been seeking for many lives. Then the same starts happening with our patients. That’s actually what Present Homeopathy is for.

But how can we practice on the chronic Yin side where symptoms are scarce and vague and everything else is hidden?

Classical approach to Yin

The chronic disease could, despite all efforts, be but little delayed in its progress by the Homœopathic physician and grew worse from year to year. […] even when these were treated in exact accordance with the Homœopathic, art as hitherto known. Their beginning was promising, the continuation less favorable, the outcome hopeless.

S. Hahnemann “Chronic diseases”

Homeopathy that S. Hahnemann discovered was clearly Yang. Remedies were really working and they caused symptoms to healthy volunteers. Such Homeopathy excelled in treating acute diseases.

But it wasn’t nearly as successful with chronic cases. Being amazingly insightful the founder felt that something very important was missing. So he devoted all his remaining life searching for the keys to Yin side.

He experimented with dual remedies, new potency scales, he even invented sophisticated miasmatic theory, but that wasn’t enough.

Ironically the founder had the perfect key from Yin side right in his pocket since the very beginning – since his first experiment with China officinalis, but he thought it belonged to Yang. So he never tried to adapt it to Yin.

Even if S. Hahnemann hasn’t succeeded in his quest it is amazing how insightful and how close he has been. We’ll return to his writings from time to time to prove it.

Ridiculously, homeopaths that came after him considered this topic to be closed and not worth their attention. They made a cult on S. Hahnemann’s miasmatic theory instead…

Please understand me correctly – nothing’s wrong with miasms. They were a pretty sound theory at a time. As an approach to classify phenomena and remedies they may be used even today. But nevertheless miasms represent just an incredibly tiny part of what you can find on the Yin side. They are not sufficient to solve chronic diseases puzzle.

Understanding that homeopaths started adopting different non-homeopathic techniques to deal with the Yin side: anamnesis, typology, clinical examination, psychology, therapy, etc. Actually today every homeopath uses his/her own arsenal of these non-homeopathic skills to approach what is otherwise hidden, what is beyond the manifestations of disease.

That’s why we have an amazing diversity of methods, schools, trends,… That’s awesome. But that’s a huge problem as well. That leads to different sorts of misinterpretations of Homeopathy and misunderstandings between colleagues. That is dividing rather than uniting. That also makes studying and finding our own way very difficult if not impossible.

Present approach to Yin

  • So how can we navigate in that dark Yin side?
  • How can we reveal what’s hidden underneath the water?
  • How do we know what is the most important there and what is not worth the attention?
  • How do we bring these most important items to the surface?

Imagine there has always been a perfect 100% homeopathic way for accomplishing that.

Imagine our remedies are able to do all the work by themselves, they reveal what’s hidden underneath the water on the Yin side, they bring that to the surface, transform it into YANG, give explanations so it can be understood and if needed addressed with other remedies.

Such approach is all about pure proving experience happening right during the consultation. That’s so beautiful and so simple – dealing with Yin we need kind of inverted Homeopathy. But as we invert classical prescribing methods, we are immediately brought back to good old proving experience.

Such shift in practice brings radical changes to Homeopathy as a system. It is transmuted completely.

Homeopathy becomes perceptible – and puts to the end the so called “homeopathic philosophy”. Reality we perceive appears to be much much more exciting and deeper than any philosophy ever created by man.

Such real life Homeopathy appears to have no borders anymore. It is not limited to physical, emotional and mental – it gains access to all the realms that exist.

As we immerse ourselves deeper and deeper into the Ocean of Yin, little by little sensations become more and more subtle – up until they disappear and the so-called levels of stillness that represent Health become apparent. So Homeopathy becomes associated not only with pathos, but Health as well.

In serious deep seated chronic cases dealing with the diseased side (pathos) is often insufficient. Our goal becomes to find not only causes of illness hidden deep in the Ocean, but also dive even deeper to the Health which is experienced as Totality. Quite often it leads to re-mission, i.e. reconnecting with our mission. In many cases that also means pretty radical changes in life.

Just imagine – the Totality is something that may be experienced, something that heals. There is nothing more beautiful than Totality. When It comes, everything becomes dissolved in it. Everything becomes One. It is not uncommon to sit with tears as you release the patient – so beautiful and deep it is.

Present Homeopathy has no centre, too. It has no authorities, no scriptures that tell you the truth. The truth is what we experience in the present moment and nothing else.


Look for something you’ve never seen before

James Jealous, D.O. “An Osteopathic Odyssey” p. 16

This pure experience based on perception of the present moment is not restricted to particular remedies or a group of homeopaths.

You do not have to spend years studying books anymore. All you need is openness to fresh new experiences and courage to trust the patient and Healing process itself.

Present Homeopathy becomes completely open to everyone, universal, uniting, interdisciplinary.

All that makes the study process tens and hundreds times faster and deeper. So that what could take several lives to accomplish may be reached in relatively short time.

Present Homeopathy is all about sharing our experiences – not through words, but directly, through the open heart.

It becomes a tool for exploring ourselves, knowing ourselves better, finding our true Self.

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