The highest potency in Homeopathy

By its definition “the highest potency” should represent a certain aspect of our remedies that’s actually finite and ultimate, shouldn’t it?

  • So is there any “ceiling” to a homeopathic potency range?
  • Is there anything absolute about our remedies you and I may experience together?
  • Is there any ultimate remedy experience available?

The answers here are definitely “YES“. But let’s start with a map. I started drawing it hoping I can portray you the peculiar relationship between the highest potency and the lethal dose. But then it grew into something that’s much bigger equally covering the both sides: 1) information that actually stands for perception and 2) dose. Seemingly, this is the first map in homeopathic history to put these into such a wide perspective:

  • Potency and dose go opposite directions and represent different realms.
    • Dose belongs to a substance, it is an attribute of a remedy. It is not “our dose”, it’s the dose of a substance – that’s for sure.
    • Potency represents the realm of information/perception. At first we also tend to attribute it to the remedy saying it’s “a remedy information” – even if up until now no one could define it properly! Well, that’s because it simply does not exist as a separate reality. “Remedy information” is kind of distortion of reality we make with our minds. At the very end of our circular (0°-360°) journey it becomes clear information = our own perception happening here & now – just like reading this text!
  • Potency defines the depth of our relationship with that substance, i.e. how intimate and deep our perception of that substance is. It is always personal and not remedial at all. It belongs to us and not the remedy. And yes, writing the potency on a remedy bottle is… well, relative to say the least!
  • The most intimate relationship (the highest potency) is when we and the remedy become one. If it is achieved, we start perceiving the remedies as certain aspects of our selves and not as something separate from us.
  • Potency shows the way to Health while dose deals with pathos and death.
    • Naturally, if you care about illness (pathos) and/or try to prevent death, you deal with therapeutic or even toxic doses of a substance. It’s a way to fight entropy and there is almost nothing wrong with such approach. At times it is even preferable as it gives more consistent results in life-threatening acute cases.
    • But if you seek true Healing that happens naturally from within, you refer to potencies. They are kind of passive, they do nothing, they don’t work by themselves, but they reveal both 1) the causes of disease and 2) our own ability to heal from within.
  • Technically both potency and dose may be increased to almost infinite numbers. But actually, both have certain limits:
    • Lethal dose (lat. dosis letalis) marks the point where the person (prover, patient) gets extinct. Technically, going beyond the lethal dose is still possible, but makes no sense, actually.
    • The highest potency marks the point where remedies cease to exist (as being separate from our selves). No matter how well our listening skills might be trained – in no way we can experience the remedy as “remedy” anymore. Isn’t it peculiar: we still seem to react to the remedy, but these are all our own reactions – neither of them appears to belong to a remedy!
  • “The highest potency” is like a mirror reflection of the lethal dose – both sharing the same patterns and laws, but in just the opposite ways.
  • Potency and dose both have certain “peaks” marked by two bell curves. Consider these mark the peaks of their manifestations we can experience:
    • The dose reaches it’s peak somewhere at the border between its therapeutic and toxic actions. Here a characteristic action of a substance is best portrayed, i.e. we get the most detailed effect of it. Consider it is also “the optimal dose” for any kind of real sensory perception: e.g. it could be an optimal lighting for us to see (not too dim or too harsh – by the way, the latter also leads to blindness at some point of intensity, resulting in “the death” of an eye).
    • The same bell curve applies to perception of our “information remedies”. We have explored it in detail in “The Phases of Sensory Perception of Homeopathic Remedies”. Again, these phases remind travelling a circle: starting as beginners at 0°, reaching the peak at 180° (see Shamanic Homeopathy) and then descending into the deeper and deeper levels of stillness up until we find ourselves at 360° – ridiculously it appears to be exactly the same place where we’ve started, only now it contains all the circle in it.
  • It is also about quantity vs. quality:
    • The dose is a technical term, defining some particular quantity measured in miligrams, grams, mililitres, etc.
    • But potency is all about the quality. It is present in every healing method and actually, in each aspect of Life. E.g. in mineral therapy having some special relationship with some particular mineral (at least feeling it) is crutial for it’s curative powers to become unlocked. R.T. Cooper’s and then E. Bach’s relationships with plants are also exemplary. But homeopaths managed to put quality in quantitative terms, defining it by numbers 6D, 30C, 200CH, etc. Again, it comes from not understanding the nature of such remedies. It does not necessarily work in practice – therefore some our colleagues achieve their results by prescribing high potencies and others do the same with low ones. Numbers are relative here.
  • Please note, that the gray area of small doses & low potencies (located between Avogadro’s number and threshold dose) is quite tricky. It can be used in both allopathic and homeopathic ways and therefore often is misinterpreted:
    • It is way too unpredictable for scientific clinical studies – leading to paradoxical reactions, etc. So researchers usually try to avoid it sticking to larger doses.
    • It is also (relatively!) insufficient for exploring the depths of Homeopathy.
  • This map has been targeted for holistic practitioners, but is also suited for a scientifically minded guys. Only for the latter it is much more suitable to use “placebo” instead of seemingly mythical “information/ perception” that’s lacking in their dictionaries. Such placebo appears to be numerous kinds of different placebos with their own laws and methods of use. Altogether with the phases of perception this map may become one of the groundbreaking studies of a placebo phenomenon.

the highest potency in Practice

The highest potency has huge impact onto our practice.

It radically changes the way we perceive our remedies (see Phases of Perception for a more gradual journey)

It completely changes the way we manufacture the remedies. It makes this process absolutely spontaneous: remedies manifest in the phase that’s needed. We do not control it, just perceive by senses.

We do not need the traditional potency scale anymore. We still use it, but don’t need it! We become able to change the potency almost instantaneously

Perceptual vs. intellectual relationship with the substance

We think we know the material world that surrounds us. We seem to understand the nature of the substances that seem so real. The rocks are solid and the water is liquid. We know the composition of the air that we breathe. Molecules, atoms, subatomic particles,…

Physics, chemistry, pharmacology and other sciences provide us with lots of facts and laws related to these. Well, we know paradigms are a subject to change, but nevertheless we enjoy to feel secure sticking with the sort of understanding we have today.

Knowledge and ideas result that these substances and objects start existing, i.e. living lives of their own… in our thinking! Isn’t it ridiculous that the world we know, discuss and care about consists mainly of ideas?

Look, even if we haven’t seen a single atom with our own eyes we tend to believe they exist (therefore I write “in our thinking”). We even compete who’s knowledge of that atom is better. We are graded at school for that, we are evaluated in exams, etc. Isn’t it ridiculous: we argue in favor of this or that theory only because we’ve read this or that book or listened to some lecture?!

Such is the captivating world of ideas and opinions. I mean that’s how most of us understand this world – consider this to be our INTELLECTUAL RELATIONSHIP with it. I’m not saying atoms don’t exist. I just confess I haven’t seen or touched a single one through all my life.

(Interestingly, the same is valid for all the biochemical processes happening in our bodies. All these hormones, amino acids, DNA molecules, etc. – have you ever encountered any of them except in books?

But 200 years ago homeopaths have started an extremely peculiar and fresh practice of provings that are all about developing a truly scientific (strictly phenomenological – and that’s just the opposite to intellectual) approach and PERCEPTUAL RELATIONSHIP with substances and phenomena (and ultimately – with the whole Life happening in the Present Moment).

Perceptual approach means

  • we step out of our limited minds and dive into unlimited worlds of sensory perception. We discover new horizons, new landscapes of sensations,
  • we even start to perceive and communicate (cooperate, actually) with what stands behind these phenomena – explore the non-local approach and “Shamanic Homeopathy” if you want to dive into that topic deeper
  • and then we immerse ourselves deeper and deeper into the levels of stillness – the reality that’s just the opposite to sensations.
  • And then we discover the Source that’s beyond all these, the One that never changes.

In Present Homeopathy instead of looking for answers outside (= for outer “knowledge”) we start with sensory perception and then strive to discover our own inner Scientist and learn how to use our own Laboratory.

Capital letters? Am I kidding? Not at all. But of course, we start with small letters.

WARNING! The text bellow (actually, these are some notes to the map) is still “under the construction”. I enjoy editing my texts online. You may still proceed at your own risk, though. You are even welcome to do that! Your comments would be pretty helpful.

Exploring substances

Historically Homeopathy has started as a practice of exploring the action of numerous substances on ourselves. It once used to be an extremely pragmatic, scientific and phenomenological approach.

For several days S. Hahnemann took four drams (7.087 grams) of Cinchona bark twice daily. That’s quite a moderate dose of 0.75-1.5 g of quinine a day.

Historically early homeopaths had been dealing with substances in pretty large “therapeutic” doses of that time. That’s how S. Hahnemann conducted his famous China officinalis experiment. That’s how all this classical homeopathy has formed.

  • What is the action (primary, secondary) of this or that particular substance?
  • What symptoms does it cause to healthy volunteers?

These were the main questions that bothered homeopaths at that time. Early provings were about taking a dose of that substance and observing its action on ourselves.

Then naturally the questions regarding safety of both provers and patients had appeared. So homeopaths began talking about the minimal dose that should

  • be safe enough,
  • but yet cause characteristic symptoms to healthy volunteers and heal the patients

Old classical masters accomplished their work brilliantly. They proved and meticulously recorded the effects of numerous substances, developed a sophisticated homeopathic symptomatology, described the sensitive constitutional types, built extensive pure Materia Medica based exclusively on experiments as well as different kinds of repertories meant to deal with symptoms.

Please note, that most of our early classical masters used small doses and rarely went higher than 3rd potency.

J.T. Kent was a fierce advocate of high potencies standing out with his clinical skills, charisma and swedenborgian metaphysical views


But today’s classical Homeopathy is almost all about potencies – and preferably pretty high ones.

  • 30C is considered almost a standard for both provings and home use.
  • 200C remain a standard for a professional prescribing.
  • There are exceptions of course: LM scale, C4 movement, etc.

Potencies are safe. And they also may seem pretty fascinating. They even say going higher makes the remedy “stronger” even if it contains not a single molecule of a raw substance. Also, most of the provings are done with higher potencies nowadays. But wait:

If it has no substance in it – how can we say we’re proving the substance?

Today’s leading modern classical homeopaths think they continue the work of the founder and his early colleagues who mainly experimented with material doses and built homeopathic Materia Medica on these.

(Please, check the works of R. Hughes, R.T. Cooper or simply list W. Boericke’s “Materia Medica of Homeopathic Medicines” and take a look on his “recommended dose”.)

Having switched to potencies homeopaths haven’t even noticed the shift when they like Alice passed right through the mirror into a different reality with its own laws.

Actually, having switched to potencies instead of doses homeopaths have found themselves climbing the peak of their own information/perception (the purple one, on the left side of the map). But without seeing the whole picture such climbing has been extremely tricky up until now:

Homeopaths have been trying to retain scientific approach of their early colleagues. But they’ve faced a huge problem of repeatability – it appears almost impossible to repeat a spontaneous body’s reaction to a potentiated remedy.

potential is always subjective, i.e. case sensitive. Well, potencies may be approached in a scientific manner – but in a very peculiar and unexpected way! I’m sorry, this way is very inconvenient for both homeopaths and allopaths…

Homeopaths still have been thinking this purple climbing is about exploring the special properties (“the hidden spirit-like power in the inner wesen of medicines” – S.H.) of substances/remedies. So they have still been trying to meticulously record their own unique experiences attributing them to various remedies. Actually, they interpret their own reactions as belonging to a specific remedy. This resulted in an extremely bloated Materia Medica and repertories that lead nowhere…

On the other hand this purple peak feels quite attractive for homeopaths. They feel there is a certain revelation in conquering it. They have certain momentary experiences of that depth, but up until there has been no methodology about mastering it to the full extent.

Non-local and shamanic Homeopathy experienced at this peak is a little bit too magical to comprehend for “normal” practitioners. It’s crazy intense as a practice and requires hard training and tough discipline. Most of you would be quite happy to find yourselves at that peak for a moment or two to experience this “magic”. But to practice on that peak day by day for at least 5 years like I did – one must be crazy!

The good news are that with Present Homeopathy you have a map now and you know that “shamanic peak” is just the middle of the road. So the quicker you trespass it, the better. On the other hand, with proper tools, techniques and practice you may feel on this peak like you’re at home.

I must warn you that remaining descent is going to be much harder than you think. It’s more about immersion in the depths of the Ocean of Yin – only here it happens exclusively if you’re still. One move – and you’re brought back to the surface. But nevertheless eventually it brings the cure from all these shamanic “spells”. (I’m sorry, you have to get sick for that cure to take place.)

As a bonus you also get immunity to any “esoteric” stuff you meet in life. Knowing the Mystery of Life reveals such a magical beauty in simple everyday events, we stop seeking anything extraordinary anymore. And well, these esoteric synchronicities start happening more and more often – only we are not bothered by these anymore.

There are two prizes that await us on the left side of the map:

the highest potency happens when we get rid from the remedies and they do not bother us anymore, e.g., they do not stand in between us and our patient. It may come as intellectual understanding first, but when it is experienced in a perceptual level it surprises us greatly and provides us with the deepest understanding of the nature of our remedies.

The Highest Potency is different. It is beyond any perception.

Imagine you make remedy out of the practitioner, i.e. you potentiate yourself. And that becomes your everyday practice – getting at least a little step higher in a potency range. At first it seems to be adding something, expanding, enriching. But then (again, passing that imaginary peak) it starts to take away what’s too much. Everything appears to be too much. You start with nothing, you end up with Nothing. Practitioner is no more here.

We start as observers, we train our attention, i.e. our ability to recognize the tiniest changes in our sensory perception during provings. Please note that on this beginner phase our attention is on remedies. We start to understand remedies are not “molecules” so we perceive them more as energies.

Energies can’t explain all the phenomena happening with our remedies, so sooner or later we arrive at the non-local model or “shamanic homeopathy” standing for wisdom or higher Intelligence.

Then we start discovering the side of stillness. As we get immersed more and more into it we find we get even deeper results, but without the previous intensity. So that we arrive to Mirrors.

At some point even the mirrors become already too much.

But what if we advance in listening and our bodies literally become the labs for the remedies to be explored. With good practice we may become extremely effective labs.

But then if we dive deep into the Perceptional Homeopathy, we traverse all these phases of perception, we make the full circle (0°-360°), we attain the highest potency and discover the true Scientist and the Lab that’s as big as the Life itself.

That’s what Present Homeopathy is for. Our practice is so simple: it’s about loosing our “knowledge” (the fake and changing one) and making both Homeopathy and Life 100% perceptual. Well, it’s actually just the opposite to “making”. It’s about discovering “the world prior to human intervention” (Algis Mickunas). And then the remaining half of our journey would be about leaving all that and discovering the Health/ the Self that’s behind everything (that IS everything – to be more precise).

That appears to be what the ancient alchemists or adepts of various spiritual/ mystical traditions have been looking for. It doesn’t matter how you name IT.

Perceptual shift

Historically Homeopathy has started as a practice of exploring the action of numerous substances on ourselves. Of course, toxic and lethal doses should be avoided. Well, toxicological data may still give some insights on the pathogenesis of certain substances, but that plays only minor role in dealing with chronic diseases.

Historically early homeopaths had been dealing with various substances in pretty large “therapeutic” doses. That’s how S. Hahnemann conducted his famous China officinalis experiment. That’s how all this classical homeopathy has formed.

  • What is the action (primary, secondary) of this or that particular substance?
  • What symptoms does it cause to healthy volunteers?

These were the main questions that bothered homeopaths at that time. Early provings were about taking a dose of that substance and observing its action on ourselves.

Then naturally the question regarding safety of both provers and patients had appeared. So homeopaths began talking about the minimal dose that is

  • safe enough
  • but yet causes characteristic symptoms to healthy volunteers and heals the patients

So if we look at the map we see classical homeopathy is still on the right side dealing with a causing properties of our remedies.

(You see, we speak solely about the action of a substance here).

But then homeopaths entered the zone of small doses. It was supposed to be a compromise between efficiency and solving the problem of primary exacerbation first of all. Well, peculiarly enough the therapeutic action didn’t seem to suffer.

Those homeopaths who had been brave enough to pass through the gray area of small doses began discovering the realm of potencies that has not been known before and seemed to defy the laws of chemistry. The results were so evident, that with no doubt homeopaths attributed them to a remedy action. And that has brought to a huge confrontation with scientifically-minded medical colleagues.

Well, today with the advent of Present Homeopathy such confrontation should be over. Dose of a substance and information appear to represent the two ends of the same stick.

Information/perception appears to be very different from what homeopaths have been expected all these years, though.

“Remedy information” appears to be a myth if we explore it thoroughly. Information appears to be the perception itself happening here & now. I hope you agree that perception belongs to us and not to the remedies.

If we go even further we discover that perception is completely out of our control. There is no way to predict or even repeat our reaction to a potentiated remedy. And that’s so beautiful! It makes Homeopathy uncontrollable, not a man-made, actually. Alongside with universal principles that provides us with ultimate depth and vividness in our practice of healing.

Our allopathic colleagues have a special term for that. They call it…


They rightfully consider it being “nothing“. Indeed, pure information feels like nothing – we even call it the highest potency in Present Homeopathy! Nevertheless that nothing possesses infinite potential and appears to be responsible for at least 50% of cures – no matter what healing method is used. And this fact alone makes homeopaths and allopaths equal (50/50). We’re actually facing the same phenomenon, but from a radically different perspectives!

The real placebo appears to be a phenomenon depending on its own:

  • Differently from the prevailing opinion, it does not care about what we think of it. For example we may expect a lot from a seemingly well prescribed remedy, but at the end it is another remedy that appears to be “working”.
  • Also, each time it is experienced in a different manner. Even if the remedy is the same, “information” appears to be different. That’s because it is our personal (and sometimes maybe collective) information. In no way we can perceive the same remedy in the same way as our colleague or patient does – unless we are synchronized, but that’s a different story. And definitely we can’t repeat a remedy experience whenever we want to.
  • Talking about NOTHING makes very little sense. That’s why Present Homeopathy is all about practice. Do you want to become friends with Nothingness (or the Great Emptiness as buddhists call It, or the Tide as James Jealous, D.O refers to It)? Let’s sit together and listen. We’ll start with sensations and the slowly and carefully we’ll turn our attention onto the Source.

It may seem homeopaths have built their approach by observing the pure effects of their remedies. Well, to say the truth, even in modern provings there is lots of intellectual stuff happening.

Up until now homeopaths have still tried to address that intellectually. I mean sensations have still That’s how all this homeopathic philosophy has emerged. Also, all these “energies”, “water memories”

That’s what we’ve been exploring in

Actually, potencies are simple – they stand for our own perception of a substance. Or you may call it our relationship with a substance. In the field of healing this perception/relationship appears to be as important as the substance itself. Ultimately that leads to wisdom, knowing thyself – and these are crucial for Health.

None of the observations we make on others are nearly as interesting as those we make on ourselves. […] 
By means of such remarkable observations, he will develop an understanding appreciation of his own sensibilities, of his mode of thinking and emotions which is the basis of all true wisdom, γνῶθι σεαυτόν [know thyself].

footnote to §139 of S. Hahnemann’s “Organon”

Everything is much more simple than you expect. Let’s take coffee as an example:

  • It has all these 200+ substances that do their job if we drink a cup of espresso.
  • But there is also our relationship with coffee – so if we walk the street and we sense a faint scent of coffee (consider that to be similar to a potentiated remedy) – it may instantly trigger some body reactions, emotions, memories, etc. And even if these are somehow related to coffee (directly or not), they definitely belong to ourselves, not to coffee…

So we always have and interplay of these two: action of a substance (Yang) and our own perception of that substance (Yin).


Usually we tend to attribute “information” to a remedy. We think each remedy possesses certain “remedial information” that is then projected onto patient/prover.

How does this projection happen? Is this any kind of chemistry involved? Or quantum physics? Do we need to put that sugar globule in our mouth or should an olfaction method do its job? What if we simply hold an unopened remedy bottle in our hand? What if we put it under our pillow while sleeping? What difference does it make to use one way or another?

But look, there are even more questions, e.g. Where is that “information” stored when not used by us?

  • Is it hidden inside the substance? Is it located in molecules or atoms?
  • Or is it related to some “vibrational patterns” of some “morphogenetic fields” that kind of surrounds the matter?
  • Or maybe it is non-local as they call it? So that information is somewhere else. For example, if we have an icon of Jesus (or a photo of our deceased relative), it works as a pointer. But where does Jesus (or that relative of ours) reside?

So many simple questions…. Usually we have a temptation to look for sophisticated answers building various philosophies. But what if we become like children and build our relationship with the world on an extremely perceptual manner?

What if “information” exists only in the present moment it is perceived?! What if the very process of perception is not that much different from… dreaming?! Imagine you visit some marvelous city in a dream – and it seems more than real. But when the dream is over – it is gone. Is it stored somewhere waiting for the dream to repeat? Where?

Dreams are perceptions created in consciousness – that creation is happening live and is experienced simultaneously. Such creativity is a feature of consciousness.

You might think you dream the sound and then you perceive it somehow. Do you? But… Is there any real sound in your sleep? Do you hear the sounds with your ears while dreaming?

The world we seem to be living in also emanate from the Consciousness. It is similar to switching to another website – this text is gone. And when you get back to this text let’s say after a week or two – you get a new rendering even if it may seem the same.

Perceptional Homeopathy is very different from what you think. It simply IS. It is present. It is as it is, as perceived by senses. Information is what we perceive. This perception is happening in Consciousness. Information doesn’t exist anywhere except in a present moment. You can’t hear, see, smell or touch anything in the past or future. Perception is happening exceptionally in a present moment. Always here & now.

Past and future cease to exist if Homeopathy becomes present. The same happens with “remedial information”: it doesn’t matter anymore. It does not matter exists it somewhere or not: perception continues to be happening in the present moment. Not even a moment before or after.

In perceptual Homeopathy information and perception become one.

This text exists as a reading experience happening here & now. If you close the window this article can’t be perceived anymore, it kind of disappears, but not completely. It goes into a realm of a potential. There is still a potential for that reading experience to be continued when the text manifests again.

What about figuring it out? It might become a huge game changer in our practice:

  • If it appears to be real, the goal of our whole daily practice becomes achieving it. If you really care about Homeopathy, you focus on conquering that peak and keep that focus day and night until you reach it.
  • If it’s just another fancy concept, then all our efforts to climb higher in a potency range make very little sense. It’s like climbing a mountain without seeing its peak: ascent may seem fancy at first, but then as years go by we loose our focus and we settle somewhere. Similarly, we simply stick with the potencies that are proposed by this or that school, or maybe simply with the ones we have at our hands (apothecaries), we stick to some kind of homeopathic philosophy, avoid inconvenient questions and we practice kind of unconscious homeopathy. The beauty is that even if we haven’t attained its wholeness, it still works!

Practicing Homeopathy without a complete understanding of it, without being fully aware of its “mechanism of action” (as they call it), without having the most intimate relationship with our remedies, without perceiving the principles on the deepest level is… a gift! If you possess such a gift, if you are fully satisfied with what you’ve got, you enjoy your practice, you don’t need Present Homeopathy, you should stop reading immediately.

There is another way of practice though. It is about becoming fully Aware. 100%. But that almost never happens through intellect, you have to immerse yourself into perceptual Homeopathy first. And when you fully dissolve in it, your Homeopathy becomes Present. If that happens you face Homeopathy in it’s pure form – which is the principle and law of nature, something that’s definitely not a man-made.

The Highest Potency belongs to You. It’s Your aspect (but not your). It happens when the remedy fully dissolves in you (so it can’t be defined as separate anymore) and you fully dissolve in… Nothing and Everything at the same time. Consider you are making the remedy out of yourself – each day you dilute yourself just a bit, continue that for years up until one day there is nobody left in your chair.

Similar to S. Hahnemann my teachers taught I should make remedies for my patients myself. I’ve made at least 15.000 during a period of some 20 years – each time observing (listening to) the reactions of my patients. Consider these were 15.000 of remedy experiences happening in different worlds (each patient is perceived like a unique world) – and such practice inevitably leads to discerning the numerous details, e.g. the cyclic nature of these remedy experiences, all that “rippling, etc. Observing the effect of 15.000 remedies (with some 2/3 of them being proving experiences, actually) naturally leads to seeing and understanding principles underneath.

Little by little we lean to recognize the more and more subtle levels.

In my case it has appeared to be more than real. It happened pretty unexpectedly and it was the most bizarre homeopathic experience I could ever imagine. It swiped out my twenty years of everyday training practice and left literally with nothing. That continued for about a couple of months and it actually marked the end of my quest in Homeopathy searching for answers. It radically changed the way I see, feel and practice Homeopathy.

Achieving the highest potency (THP) is the key for the ultimate understanding of Homeopathy. It is also not something you may arrive to by intellectual efforts.

THP actually means the finite – and we can’t go further than that. Or to be more precise – we still can, but it simply makes no sense anymore.

My dear homeopathic colleagues! There is something absolute about your remedies. Something that

  • Reveals the hidden but essential side of Homeopathy that practitioners have been unaware of up until now;
  • Contains the most authentic homeopathic approach to chronic diseases S. Hahnemann has been looking for all his life;
  • Explains the revealing properties of our remedies;
  • defines our relationship with the remedies;
  • becomes the axis of our practice;
  • answers all your questions regarding Homeopathy (including “mechanism of action” of our remedies, etc.).

THP is crucial to practice. Actually, it’s where the true practice of Present Homeopathy just starts. But it’s so much different from what homeopaths expect it to be! Also, none of traditional homeopathic approaches can take you there:

  • THP can never be achieved technically as it has nothing to do with dilutions and succussions.
    • It can’t be defined by these numbers and letters, e.g. 200C, 1M, 10M, etc. You can always go higher with these.
    • THC can’t be increased in any way. Imagine it transcends the usual potency scale and is marked ∞D, ∞C, ∞M or ∞LM.
  • THP has no material form, so it is not something you may find in your remedy box or order/buy in homeopathic apothecary.
  • It cannot be manufactured.
  • The attempts to figure it out intellectually by building some fancy “homeopathic philosophy” are also futile. They do not work without an actual present experience.

Perceptual Homeopathy leads us the right direction, but it also may become an obstacle itself at some point of our journey. If we take the path of provings, pursue thousands of remedy experiences and train our listening skills like crazy – this may result in perceiving the amazingly subtle nuances of a remedy. But even if that’s the case – there is always a room for improvement.

Even if we learn to synchronize with our patients, so that we surpass our own sensitivities and start experiencing the remedies through our patients – we are still in the realm of sensations even if they cover a much larger spectrum. This realm is endless and can’t be fully explored.

The highest potency is about surpassing the boundaries of the perception itself – so that the remedies not only stop working, but eventually become absolutely transparent, i.e. IMPERCEPTIBLE no matter how well trained our listening skills are.

We start at 0 as total beginners, we start training our listening skills, we learn to recognize the subtlest sensations (manifestations, Yang), then we go beyond these, immersing ourselves into deeper and deeper levels of stillness (absence of sensations, Yin) – up until we reach 360. loose all our achievements and become total newbies again.

It may sound ridiculous, but the true goal of every homeopath should be to get rid out of the remedies. Consider it to be some kind of enlightenment, an ultimate “remedial” experience when you

  • clearly perceive the true nature of our remedies (as well as of any phenomena happening),
  • attain the ultimate and finite relationship with the remedies,
  • start using remedies as means for glimpsing into the patient’s world (imagine remedies being like extremely transparent windows we can look through without even noticing the glass),
  • get a much wider perspective of what’s happening during a process of healing,
  • actually, meet the Healing in its absolute form as not depending on any remedies and our efforts as well.

Nevertheless, we start with learning how to listen, i.e. we train hard, we have thousands of proving experiences shared with our colleagues literally learning how to sense. As a result remedies become perceptual: we do not think about remedies, but we perceive them by senses.

Then we seek deeper and deeper relationship with remedies – up until they become our friends and teachers who take part in the healing process showing us what is to be healed and how. This is a pretty exiting practice that we call “Shamanic homeopathy”. Here remedies become extremely sophisticated and remind us separate entities who lead us through a consultation process.

Then its all about transparency and simplicity.

It’s the Holy Grail homeopaths have been searching for 200 years without any success. Well, they actually had success! The only problem (and that’s even not a problem at all) is that they have been attached to the remedies too much.

Similar to diseases in allopathy, homeopathic remedies (despite having no active substances) have become separate realities that stand in between the practitioner and the patient preventing the clear perception of the mystery of Healing.

Have you ever questioned what does the highest potency stand for in Homeopathy? That’s actually one of these essential questions that lead to the truth about Homeopathy.

“The highest potency” has been a pretty obscure topic up until now as homeopaths have been trying to figure it out technically, considering potency is a pharmacological (technical, objective, “outer”, scientific) term belonging to a remedy, depending on the number of dilutions and succussions and having very little to do with a practitioner.

That may sound like spoiler, but I must warn you: going deeper and deeper into the topic we are going to discover just the opposite! In Homeopathy that leads to an ultimate perception of the remedies, principles and practice.

For us (the practitioners) the highest potency marks our ultimate relationship with the remedies.

It’s actually 360° in the circle of perception — here we perceive the true nature of our remedies. And that kind of unlocks all the phases we’ve been through while travelling from 0° to 360° and makes them available in any time.

Our relationship with the remedies becomes free and we welcome them in any form (or no form at all). We simply do not attach to form anymore: energies, Teachers, mirrors or simply nothing pleases us equally. Remedies start coming as if by themselves in whatever form is needed (depending on a landscape and situation).

The highest potency has nothing to do with our patients.

So when taking the case we do not select potencies anymore. We naturally perceive the landscape (we recognize it perceptually, by senses) and ,

But then in each case we take we

That’s where the remedies become transparent (they do not stand in between us and our patients, they do not obscure the Healing) and true practice of Homeopathy starts.

Have you ever imagined that only YOU and not some distant future generations of homeopaths and scientists are the one who can explore Homeopathy to its ultimate depths?

Such quest has nothing to do with philosophies or intellectual analysis. It’s all about practice: testing and listening to thousands of remedies until they become 100% perceptual, i.e. perceivable by senses. It’s about constant refining our relationship with the remedies up until we close the circle and return to where we’ve started. Only by becoming absolute beginners we are going to perceive the true nature of our remedies and experience the true Healing.

Potency Means Potential

But let’s start with basics. And that means throwing away all the preconceptions and esoteric stuff regarding our remedies. Let’s begin with simple truths that belong to a common sense:

  • Diluting the remedies makes them weaker.
  • Subsequent dilutions make remedies even more weak until such remedies stop working at all.
  • Information does not work. It’s not supposed to. It’s passive. Books about cooking do not prepare meals.
  • Potentiated remedies are not supposed to work. Our response is all that matters.
  • Potentiation is about removing the active component and leaving the passive as a potential. So ultimately it’s never about the remedy itself anymore! It is only about our response!
  • Dynamis, potency are just the opposite to energy (see the dictionary) and activity (active substances).
  • Such remedies are instruments meant to explore your passive, potent side and reveal your true nature – something you’ve been unaware of.

But for now let’s explore potencies in relationship to usual doses.

Doses and potencies

Let’s take a look at the both sides: potencies and doses of active substance. Let’s examine them and see if there are any principles that are common to both:

  • The highest (maximal) dose in using raw substance is pretty straightforward – it’s dosis letalis (DL). Lethal. Technically, it still can be exceeded, it definitely does not mark the end of a scale, but in practice… it simply makes no sense to discuss the dosage higher than that! Substance prevails over a person. Once you reach DL, the game is over for you. Of course, in each case DL varies, but nevertheless it is more than perceptible in practice as it leads to extinction of the prover/patient. DL marks the boundary beyond that no prover/patient can pass.
  • Similarly, on the other end there should be the minimal dose – the boundary beyond that the remedy does not exist anymore. The highest potency that eliminates the remedy completely! The selected potency scale does not end with it, we still may go much further into higher and higher potencies, but it makes no sense as the remedy has already become extinct. Consider the highest potency to be boundary beyond which the remedies are not allowed. Here you enter the zone of True Healing that does not depend on remedies.

But look how tricky it becomes in practice:

  • At first it seems logical that diminishing the dose of a remedy to some extent (threshold dose) would eventually make the effect of a substance negligible. But in practice entering a territory of small doses means getting lots of unpredictable and paradoxical results. That’s why researchers if all kinds try to avoid that zone and stick to larger doses.
  • Then it seems that getting rid of a substance completely should be enough for the remedy to stop working. Again, intellectually it makes sense. But in real practice even surpassing the Avogadro’s number seems to be not enough. (Yes, CH and CK potency scales are pretty different here, you may still find some residues of raw substance even in 200CK while you may find nothing in 8CH – mainly due to adherence to the glass wall of the vials). In practice no matter how high is a dilution it still seems to continue affecting both provers and patients. That’s the territory homeopaths have been practicing in for many years using really high potencies: 200C, 1M, 10M, etc. Up until now homeopaths haven’t reached the ceiling.
  • Is there any way to achieve the Highest Potency, i.e. the final point where further dilutions of that remedy do not matter anymore? Well, that seems to be the worst case scenario for homeopaths, doesn’t it? But paradoxically, it appears to be the Holy Grail homeopaths have been looking for from the very beginning!

The Quest for Potencies

Again, I’ll remind you that Homeopathy started (S. Hahnemann’s China officinalis experiment) and evolved while experimenting with raw substances taken in therapeutic doses of that time.

Potencies appeared later and seemed to become a surprise and challenge for several generations of homeopaths. Carefully they climbed up the scale. Going into high dilutions was so unusual that it took years for certain practitioners to transition to higher ones.

There were brave homeopaths who went into the chase of the highest potency, going up to the 200C, then 1M, 10M,…

Ridiculously, today many of our colleagues consider the higher dilutions to be stronger, affecting the more subtle and deeper levels and acting longer – even if this statement is not supported by proving results!

The situation we have today is weird to say the least. Look, technically we could achieve potencies much higher than 10M – ending up with amazingly deep-acting remedies. But where are they?

  • Why is the potency situation still so diverse among homeopaths? Why do we have so many schools that use almost the opposite approaches regarding the potency selection, but still get similarly good results?
  • Why is is not possible to guess the potency during provings? The intensity and depth of a proving experience does not seem to belong on potency at all!
  • Why even the most experienced homeopaths are usually content with good old 200C? Why not 200M or whatever?
  • Why did S. Hahnemann in his latest period kind of moved down to LM potencies that are essentially pretty low?

Potencies in Practice

In practice, usually after some searching you stop at one or another potency as being your favorite. (Sounds weird and unscientific, isn’t it?) As a matter of fact, it happens not because you consciously figure it out through numerous rigorous experiments and provings you perform on yourself, your colleagues and patients. No, it happens mainly subconsciously as you’re influenced by your school, teachers, books, your success with patients, availability of such remedies in your local pharmacy, etc. All that makes you stop at some point and start considering that potency to be the optimal one. That one may change throughout you career significantly.

Some homeopaths have remained content with pretty low potencies:

  • French school has been traditionally using 3-6-9CH and seeing no sense of proceeding further. Well, sometimes proceeding to 30CH as something that’s ultimately high.
  • Some classical homeopaths seemed to prefer lower potencies. Please, read Boericke’s recommendations in his Materia Medica (this one has been kind of standard reference for many years) – these are depicted at the end of each remedy description and rarely exceed 3C.
  • Cooper went even opposite direction with his arborivital medicine. He used remedies that technically were mother tinctures. But he used a drop of these once in 21 days and had been getting amazing results. His success in treating severe cases of cancer is unprecedented even to today’s standard.
  • We also have a similar tendency with C4 triturations movement: considering C4 optimal (working on the Heart/ Perception level) and only rarely going higher than that.

I can provide countless examples and that means the potency question is very diverse. And that should make us alert. Something is definitely wrong with understanding of potencies in today’s Homeopathy. Or maybe just the opposite – understanding the potency we can get to the very essence of Homeopathy.

The Meaning of Potencies

Potency is just the opposite to dose. They have nothing to do with remedies getting stronger, acting longer, etc. Potencies are different. Consider they are about the deeper level of stillness we may achieve. It’s not about the substance, it’s about ourselves.

We use the remedy as a mirror to trace the excess activity in ourselves.

For example, if a remedy shows us our own fear we’ve been unaware before, we can resolve it and submerge into a deeper level of stillness.

Manufacturing high potencies naturally translates to sitting with the remedy longer, i.e. submerging into a deeper and deeper levels of stillness.

That’s what should be happening in apothecaries. Consider making all these subsequent numerous dilutions serves like some mantra for the shamanic journey into the depths of calm and clear perception – up until the Health gets revealed.

Making our remedies is very very similar to what alchemists have been trying to achieve – transmuting lead into Gold. Attention is the key.

It’s not a theory. I invite you to put that into practice. Following S. Hahnemann’s directions and using methods I’ve learned from my teachers I always make remedies for my patients during a consultation. Each consultation becomes a certain surprising transmutation that is is perceived by both the patient and practitioner! Gold=Health. It’s 100% perceptual and not intellectual at all!

Territory of a remedy vs. territory of our self.

of Potencies The features of potencies are opposite to the ones of a dose.

I hope you’ve already read “The Phases of Perception of Homeopathic Remedies”.

The highest potency is actually the point where the remedy becomes imperceptible. So all that remains is purely our own response, not coloured by a remedy in any way.

Here the remedy does not stand in-between the practitioner and the patient anymore. We still see our patients through the remedies (remedies showing us the way and what has to be healed), but remedies become transparent, they do not stand in the way, they do not clutter out thinking anymore

  • We perceive provings as the way to glimpse into our and our patient’s worlds in a special way. It’s as if we have some special kind of scope to explore our specific aspects. So even with the same remedy in each case these aspects show up individually and differently. Provings become 100% about ourselves and 0% about remedies.
  • We perceive healing as happening spontaneously with a touch of Attention. The remedy does nothing, but kind of shows the way the Attention enters situation. And again, that’s unique to each case, never repeating itself in any way. We never know in advance, so we cease prescribing, we just test our remedies (going one by one through each set) and listen… and get surprised greatly each time.

Imagine as a homeopath you stop thinking in terms of “remedies” and start perceiving the world and patients as they are. It may still happen through the remedies – they serve as windows for us to glimpse into the different aspects of the worlds of our patients. But we get rid of habit of looking at these windows. Windows become 100% transparent, they do not stand in the way, we look through them, our attention does not stick at them.

You know, it is similar to a doctor who stops perceiving their patients in terms of illnesses, diagnoses and starts seeing them as they are. He still uses tests and equipment, he still names the illness, but all that he sees is the patient. There is nothing wrong in seeing the patients through remedies or diagnoses. The problem is that if these remedies and diagnoses aren’t transparent enough, we see them instead of a patient. That distorts the reality significantly.

It is not even in the remedy itself. It is more about our point of awareness, our awareness. It is both so simple and so hard to achieve.


Ir kičiškai, ir romantiškai, ir ironiškai, net sarkastiškai..  žodžiu, linksma 😄

Potentiation lets us safely experience whatever substances (or even phenomena) we can ever get our hands on. So that this substance is not just a knowledge anymore, it becomes a unique and surprising sensory experience that is impossible to stage beforehand.

No matter if you are a physicist working on new radioactive isotope or maybe you’re a doctor exploring some deadly virus – you are presented with a methodological approach of safely trying these on yourself and observing how your body and mind are reacting. That’s worth a try…

What if you make such experiments on yourself your daily bread and butter? What if you make thousands of such experiments on yourself, your colleagues and patients? Well, that’s what we do.

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