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I invite you to follow the underlined links and start the most amazing homeopathic journey. Consider this text standing both for OVERVIEW and CONTENTS.

Can you Imagine Practicing Homeopathy in Present? I bet you can’t. Really. In present moment it becomes so alive and spontaneous, that it extends far beyond our abilities to comprehend. By no means we can control or even define it, but we become a humble witness of the mystery of Healing instead.

Up until now Homeopathy has been incomplete:

  • In classics only its manifested, symptomatic Yang half has been explored.
  • But its essential potential, not-yet-manifested Yin half has remained hidden from homeopaths in a very peculiar way.

When we become aware of the latter, both YIN & YANG of Homeopathy become available for everyday practice and our Homeopathy becomes Whole.

The Present Revolution in Homeopathy

happens when we return to its very roots, i.e. to multiple daily proving experiences, but with present understanding and well trained set of skills.

1. We clearly understand the nature of our remedies.


the state of that which is not yet fully realized

POWERPOTENTIALITY — contrasted with energeia

Merriam-Webster dictionary

Potentiated (information) remedies have nothing to do with strength, energies, vibrations or any other manifestations (Yang). On the contrary, they are about submerging into the deeper and deeper potencies of Stillness (Yin) up until there is literally no activity left. It’s literally like nothing at all is left.

Potencies stand for a potential that’s not-yet-realized. Potential is always beyond any sensory perception. If you recognize and name it’s not a potential anymore.

To put it simple, information does not work. It is not supposed to. Books about cooking do not cook. They contain the potential for some tasty meals. So if we have a similar potential (“similia” as homeopaths call it), it may wake up with that book and get realized.

Do you get it? We start with a book/remedy but end up with revealing our own potential. Books do not cause cooking. And we can’t event explore/prove them – we always end up with exploring ourselves. It is always our own potential that gets revealed.

1. Potentiated remedies represent a potential

Our Reality has two sides: 1) manifestastions that you are perceiving now (past and future do not exist for a perception): all the sensory information and thoughts; they are active, continuously moving, changing (Yang) and 2) the potential, not-yet-manifested one that’s perfectly still (Yin) – somewhat like this screen you’re reading this text on – it stands prior to words and concepts it displays. With some practice of observation and self exploration (Listening as we call it) we may become aware of both simultaneously.


Listen to nothing, shut the senses off.

The nothingness is something.

James Jealous “An Osteopathic Odyssey” p.40

Dynamization and potentiation belong to that Yin side. They have nothing to do with strength, energies, vibrations or any other manifestations. On the contrary, they are about submerging into the deeper and deeper potencies of Stillness up until there is literally no activity left. It’s like nothing is left.

Potential is always beyond any sensory perception. We can’t sense anything until it manifests. But becoming aware of the very process of perception we get in touch with the very process of Creation: everything appears out of that Potential and disappears in it.

It appears to be the Consciousness (the screen for perception, or your true Self.

Becoming aware of both we become aware of interplay between Creation/Life and a Potential. It never repeats itself. That’s why you can’t get two identic experiences with the same remedy twice!

Anyway, here are the differences between substances and potencies:

  • Raw active substances are manifestations, they may be observed and touched. Being active they cause symptoms of their own explored by toxicologists, clinical pharmacologists, etc. Substances may be proved in a homeopathic manner. That’s scientific. i.e. predictive, repeatable.
  • But potencies are just the opposite. They are imperceptible by their very nature. They are passive, they are pure sleeping potential. They never cause anything to innocent people. They can’t even be explored. They still may be scientific – in an exciting, but just the opposite way homeopaths expect them to be.

But each time and with each of us that realization is going to happen in a different way. Usually an original recipe is modified according to our needs, resources and circumstances. So the result is always more like our unique interpretation rather than exact replica.

And the aim of writing a book (or this text) is not in persuading you to copy my recipes – it’s about you discovering and realizing your own similar potential that is unique and different!

Provings of potentiated remedies are always about ourselves and not the remedies. We can’t replicate “remedy symptoms”, we just reveal our own aspects that may have been hidden, suppressed or not yet realized – resulting in symptoms or certain life situations. Potentiated remedies address the hidden, not-yet-manifested side of our reality. Ultimately, such remedies are tools meant for self-exploration! That’s their only scientific purpose!

2. Remedies become live experiences we share together.

Imagine your Homeopathy becomes PERCEPTUAL , i.e. based on immediate sensory experience.

Everyday training of our LISTENING skills is essential here – we train our attention to notice the instant changes in perception brought by a remedy – up until remedies become 100% perceptible by senses.

Finally, after more than 200 years of searching, the ultimate training and practice of Homeopathy become available through

We also learn to synchronize with our colleagues and patients, so we experience remedies from their perspective. We share our experiences directly. We surpass our own sensitivity and we dive into the realms of sensations never available to us before.

So we put the books aside and spend hundreds of hours on practicing and training together intensively in the most intense and systematic manner resulting in unprecedented personal and professional growth. Together and direct sharing are the keys here.

3. The mechanism of provings becomes evident

Please note, present provings are very different from classical ones. They are much safer, much more natural, much quicker, much more intense and much much deeper.

For some 150 years homeopaths have been stuck on the idea that our ability to experience remedies depends on our “sensitivity” that’s very limited.


a: a peculiarity of constitution or temperament : an individualizing characteristic or quality;

b: individual hypersensitiveness (as to a drug or food)

Merriam-Webster dictionary
  • Well, in case of raw substances our idiosyncrasy really matters and depends on multiple factors: genes, receptors, biochemistry, immune system, etc. We perceive these as certain apparent mechanisms: like there are keys that fit certain locks. For many years these have been explored by scientists and considered to be pretty predictive.
  • But for potentiated remedies its all different. Not only our remedies seem imperceptible, but also we seem to have no special receptors for them, don’t we? How can we define a sensibility to them? What factors come into play here? They are similar to K. Jung’s synchronicities: they can’t be controlled, they just happen. That’s not true. Sensibility does not even exist! You simply can’t find it.

Well, at some point our remedies really remind K. Jung’s synchronicities. But the latter can’t be controlled, they just happen as certain outer event reveals something about ourselves – providing us with some kind of answer, insight, decision, etc. that seemingly has already been there inside, but we just couldn’t find it.

You know, synchronicities belong more to a sphere of perception and the outer stimulus is needed only as a pointer to some (seemingly, inner) truth. It’s the same similia simillibus principle.

Similar points to similar. Similar reveals similar. But what is similar to what and the experience itself appear to be extremely personal. Or case-dependent if you like it better.

Apples seem to cause the theory of gravity.

Synchronicities always point to us. Events or objects do not matter even if they may seem pretty significant, e.g. I. Newton’s apple. The story may be fake and perhaps gravity doesn’t even exist as such, but nevertheless that’s a pretty good example.

Homeopaths would include “the theory of gravity” into repertory and list “apple” under it. Does it make sense?

Actually, exploring/proving homeopathic remedies is similar to exploring the effects of… apples. If an apple can cause “the theory of gravity”, then it can cause virtually anything. And writing all that down makes no sense, actually.

On the other hand, a list of tendencies, themes listed under each remedy may be very helpful.

Remedies as synchronicities

Exploring events or objects, attributing meanings to them is very relative. What it means if we dream of this or that? What it means if we find some color, scent or crystal attractive?

And the with homeopathic remedies it becomes even more tricky. It’s like we get rid of an apple, and leave only information about it.

Look at the mechanism: suddenly some perceive a relationship between some outer event (manifestation) and something that we consider is inside ourselves. That’s not true. Sensibility does not even exist! You simply can’t find it.

The secret is in choosing the right remedy for a proving! Yes, we have no symptoms here to start with. But if we know how to Listen we recognize a landscape (some kind of perceptional totality without symptoms) that leads us to some remedy set. Then by testing/listening we arrive to a remedy that instantly reveals the missing details in that landscape.

Prescribing starts with symptoms and leads to totality. Our totality, not the remedial one. Proving starts with a totality and leads to symptoms. Our symptoms, not the remedial ones.

Recognizing a landscape (a totality with only a hint of symptoms exposed) is a skill. It takes some time to be trained.

Landscape leads us to a similar remedy set (representing similar totality). We test the remedies while listening. When we stumble at the right one, the proving comes instantaneously like a storm.

Present provings are remedy experiences that happen exclusively in the present moment and usually take up to 15 minutes to fully develop with almost nothing postponed to the future.

Imagine remedy is like a stone thrown into the pond. Splash!!! is more than obvious to sensory perception.

If we know how to Listen, that Splash!!! is really spectacular and hard to miss.

Then it loops into a repeated cycle that feels very much like the ripples in the water that come afterwards. Such rippling fades slowly with gradually diminishing amplitude and increasing intervals. Well, just like every experience we get in life.

Splash!!! when pointed up by a more experienced practitioner becomes easily recognizable even for beginners. And then comes training through the everyday listening sessions involving thousands of “remedy experiences” together with our friends, colleagues and patients.

The methodology of present provings took about 20 years to be develop and refined. I’m in debt to my finest holistic colleagues and teachers here. Thankfully, now you can do it much faster.

We actually are going to explore The Role of Attention in Homeopathy. With the proper attention 1) the consultation itself, 2) the proving experience, 3) manufacturing the remedy and 4) administering it to the patient are perceived as one single experience. All these 4 processes appear to happen simultaneously!

Provings are all about ourselves and not the remedies.

4. Authentic Homeopathic Approach to Chronic Cases

We end up with the elaborated methodology of having multiple mutual proving experiences together with each of our chronic patients right during the consultation process! Here we do not prescribe remedies anymore, but we sit and listen during the consultation – and remedies start to instantaneously reveal what has been hidden behind the symptoms, i.e. the causes of diseases.

That enables us to feel extremely comfortable in chronic cases where symptoms are sparse, vague and unimportant while pointing to some essential aspects are hidden.

Instead of asking numerous questions, we may simply recognize a misty landscape (a perceptual totality without any evident sensations manifested yet) and then a particular remedy from a similar set reveals the details that have been hidden behind the disease.

Two opposite approaches to totality

It’s a perfect and extremely homeopathic approach to chronic diseases (Yin, hidden) that’s just the opposite to classical symptomatic prescribing (Yang, manifested). Methodology appears to be radically different, but the principles remain the same.

It’s actually what S. Hahnemann had been searching for all his remaining life. Ridiculously, he had been carrying the key to chronic diseases in his pocket from the very beginning! It’s the proving experience per se, i.e. happening live, perceived in the present moment, even before it is translated into words.

Our remedies bring the instant relief by revealing the totality when prescribed in acute cases. But in chronic ones they reveal the hidden details (causes of a disease) when used in “a proving mode”!

4 remedies for revealing the Totality

Imagine each consultation becomes a series of proving experiences with one remedy opening the door to another – up until we make a full circle coming back to where we started, but with a completely new and perfectly natural balance. That’s exactly how remedies reveal the Totality in chronic cases.

Provings become 100% implemented into everyday consultation practice and they address our patients rather than remedies

  • They become much safer: by testing and listening to patient’s spontaneous reactions we handle the choice of the remedy to the present interest. We do not prescribe the remedy! It manifests as if by itself!
  • Finding the right remedy for proving experience become as natural as observing the patient walking the exhibition and spontaneously stopping at the item that catches his/her attention. We are not in charge anymore – we simply witness the provings happening spontaneously.
  • Revealing means healing in most of instances as old traumas, suppressed emotions, latent infections, etc. are brought to the surface in an instant. We read the remedy afterwards together with our patient to understand the experience better.
  • They are much more effective than traditional provings: they are much more precise and give real and instant results and they provide us with much deeper insights about both remedies and patients. Eventually they reveal the nature of our remedies and ourselves.
  • They transform our whole practice including how we perceive our patients.

Imagine in some 10 years of practice you undergo 10.000-20.000 of deep proving experiences, each surpassing your personal sensitivity and surprising you greatly. All that results in the professional growth that would normally require many homeopathic lives to accomplish.

6. The ultimate perception of our remedies

Present Homeopathy offers unprecedented systematic and methodological approach to homeopathic practice.

We do not have to invent new methodology. We use interdisciplinary approach. We learn and practice together with our holistic colleagues.

Listening appears to be the universal language that equally suits all the existing remedies and methods:

  • We widen our perception by embracing numerous SETS OF REMEDIES and techniques belonging to different traditions. That opens up multiple perceptual horizons (perceived and recognized as landscapes) homeopaths have never been aware of.
  • But that also gives ultimate depth. By comparing these amazingly different remedies (sensations, landscapes) and approaches we not only learn to recognize the subtlest details, but eventually we come to the very Essence that’s behind them and is the same for every healing method ever used.

We end up with the most intimate (and finite!) relationship with remedies homeopaths haven’t even dreamed about. All the questions regarding our remedies, their mode of action, potencies, methodology, etc. dissolve in that. Here is the hint: actually, our remedies have nothing to do with outer phenomena like energies, vibrations, quantum physics stuff, water memory, etc. That’s going to be a huge disappointment for most homeopathic practitioners.

It’s more of an inward journey. The path leads us through a series of pretty radical and painful personal paradigm shifts, starting from 0°, traversing Shamanic Homeopathy at 180° and eventually arriving at 360° where “outer” and “inner” make no sense at all. Here remedies become transparent: they do not stand in between us and our patients anymore, but actually encompass all the phases at once.

7. Knowing Thyself as the basis of all true wisdom

When you discover “this hidden spirit-like power in the inner wesen of medicines” (§20 of “Organon“), your Homeopathy becomes Present and you understand… who you are! That’s the ultimate goal of our practice.

None of the observations we make on others are nearly as interesting as those we make on ourselves. […] 
By means of such remarkable observations, he will develop an understanding appreciation of his own sensibilities, of his mode of thinking and emotions which is the basis of all true wisdom, γνῶθι σεαυτόν [know thyself].

footnote to §139 of S. Hahnemann’s “Organon”

Knowing thyself” appears to extend so much deeper than “thinking and emotions“. Knowledge of our Self is… ultimate!

That’s the most beautiful homeopathic journey one can imagine. But it definitely seems too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well, it all that comes at a price not everyone is willing to pay. This path is too simple, too practical and therefore too painful for most of our classical colleagues. You’re going to loose literally everything in this quest for the ultimate.

This path is very much like making a remedy out of the practitioner, i.e. out of ourselves. Homeopaths think potentiation makes a remedy stronger. Well, why not to try it on yourself? If we travel together we are going to make it our everyday practice: imagine each day rising your potency by one degree. You don’t need succussions or triturations for that – attention is more than enough.

It feels amazing at first: our life becomes full of growth and exciting discoveries. But only up until we reach 180°. As you pass that point and start descending into Yin side, you discover it’s just the opposite. It’s about dissolving, loosing, getting rid of everything that is too much – up until nothing, but a pure Potential is left. The latter appears to be the pure Consciousness, i.e. the Self.


In Present Homeopathy we gain nothing, but end up in discovering beauty in simplicity. We start perceiving Remedies as Movies that We Watch or paintings at the exhibition or books we read – so simple and perceptual they become.

Our remedies are not something that’s targeted to the future. They are for full immersive experience of present moment!

Here we may also consider Homeopath as a librarian who’s job is to help the reader to choose the most important book in his life.

Having returned to 0/360° we cease to be remedy-oriented and start to perceive our patients just as they are. When the whole perception becomes transparent, we get rid of prejudices and start perceiving Homeopathy just as it is – present. It appears to be extremely diverse and spontaneous, much more beautiful but also very different from what most homeopaths have ever imagined.

By the way, all that brings us to A TRULY SCIENTIFIC APPROACH TO POTENCIES – no matter how unexpected and ridiculous that sounds to both homeopaths and their allopathic colleagues.

A note to the reader

Everything I try to share with you is based on pure practice of taking part in more than 15.000 proving experiences witnessed in different bodies and different worlds.

All that results in Present Homeopathy which is all about practice. It’s a living tradition that is transmitted not verbally, not as knowledge or philosophy, but… as bare experience. You can’t write it down. It is recognized as sensations, landscapes or stillness we experience, not words. You can’t even remember these as each time they are different! And ultimately, the true learning happens at the “endpoints” of consultation (as James Jealous, D.O. calls them) – when both sensations and stillness make no sense anymore and all that remains is Totality.

Present Homeopathy Club

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Starting on

The path begins with listening, i.e. learning to recognize sensations we experience with the remedies. Special sets of remedies and techniques enable us to approach the different realms of sensations in a very methodical and systematic manner: beginning with a physical body and ending up with the very depths of our souls. Everything is perceptible. Nothing is hidden.

So actually sitting together for a while could definitely make a much deeper impression than reading all these texts. Well, the latter are here merely to test your attention. If you find them worth reading it may be worth meeting and Listening as well. Perhaps, zoom sessions are a good place to start.


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